CSI Container Storage Interface

The goal of the Container Storage Interface (CSI) is to define and interface that will enable storage vendors to develop a plugin once and have it work across a number of container orchestration (CO) systems.
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The CSI specification is an emerging specification that defines an interface along with the minimum operational and packaging recommendations for a storage provider (SP) to implement a CSI compatible plugin. The interface declares the RPCs that a plugin must expose: this is the primary focus of the CSI specification. Any operational and packaging recommendations offer additional guidance to promote cross-CO compatibility.

Initial Goals

The Container Storage Interface (CSI) will

  • Enable SP authors to write one CSI compliant Plugin that “just works” across all COs that implement CSI.
  • Define API (RPCs) that enable:
    • Dynamic provisioning and deprovisioning of a volume.
    • Attaching or detaching a volume from a node.
    • Mounting/unmounting a volume from a node.
    • Consumption of both block and mountable volumes.
    • Local storage providers (e.g., device mapper, lvm).
  • Define plugin protocol RECOMMENDATIONS.
    • Describe a process by which a Supervisor configures a Plugin.
    • Container deployment considerations (CAP_SYS_ADMIN, mount namespace, etc.).

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