Temperature sensors are commonly used sensors that detect Temperature or heat.

Common Types

  • Negative Temperature Coefficient (NTC) thermistor
  • Resistance Temperature Detector (RTD)
  • Thermocouple
  • Semiconductor-based sensors

The silicon bandgap temperature sensor is an extremely common form of temperature sensor (thermometer) used in electronic equipment. Its main advantage is that it can be included in a silicon integrated circuit at very low cost. The principle of the sensor is that the forward voltage of a silicon diode, which may be the base-emitter junction of a bipolar junction transistor (BJT), is temperature-dependent. More

Semiconductor-based sensors

A semiconductor-based temperature sensor is placed on integrated circuits (ICs). These sensors are effectively two identical diodes with temperature-sensitive voltage vs current characteristics that can be used to monitor changes in temperature. They offer a linear response but have the lowest accuracy of the basic sensor types at 1 to 5 °C. They also have the slowest responsiveness (5 to 60 s) across the narrowest temperature range (-70 to 150 °C).