Threat Defence Cisco IoT Threat Defence

IoT Threat Defense securely segments IoT devices based on policy that provides an adaptable, extensible means of protecting vital services at IoT scale. It also provides a cybersecurity architecture, featuring a strong cast of integrated products from Identity Services Engine (ISE) and TrustSec to Stealthwatch and Next-Generation Firewall.

IoT Threat Defence works through…

  • Segmentation
  • Secure remote access
  • Security services
  • Visibility and analysis

Cisco IoT Threat Defense
  • Is a cybersecurity architecture based on a suite of integrated technologies and services. It is designed to detect and block threats on devices, across your network, and in the cloud.
  • Protects IoT devices using extensible, scalable, and automated segmentation aligned to your business. Segmentation is based on policy and enforced across your network.
  • Secures communications among your locations, no matter how remote, and puts control of third-party access in your hands.
  • Improves your ability to manage cybersecurity risk by helping you assess, design, and implement highly secure IoT solutions with our expert-led professional and technical services.