Xively offers an Internet of Things (IoT) platform as a service, business services, and partners that enable businesses to quickly connect products and operations to the Internet. It is a division of LogMeIn Inc.


Agriculture: Freight Farms, Smart Home: Halo Smart Labs, Lutron, Watts, SureFlap, Industry: Sato, New England Biolabs

Device Management
Identity Management
Device and Cloud Security
Integrations with Enterprise Systems
Remote Device Support


In 2007, London architect Usman Haque founded Pachube (pronounced Patch bay) as a data infrastructure and community for the Internet of Things. Following the nuclear accidents in Japan in 2011, Xively was used by volunteers to interlink Geiger counters across the country to monitor the fallout. In July 2011, Pachube announced that they had been acquired by LogMeIn and renamed to Cosm. Cosm came out of beta development and was rebranded as Xively to become a Public Cloud for the IoT in May 2013.

Cloud Services

A Platform as a Service built for the IoT. According to their website, this includes directory services, data services, a trust engine for security, and web-based management application. Xively’s messaging is built on a publish-subscribe protocol called MQTT. The API supports REST, WebSockets, and MQTT.