thethings.iO is a Wayra Barcelona startup since July 2014 that makes a back-end for Internet of Things. It allows companies to focus more on the product and less on the database and the underlying cloud platform.

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Connectivity & Normalization
Device & Licenses Management
Cloud Code Processing & Action Management
Data Monitoring & Visualization
Analytics, AI, Predictive & Other Tools
Interoperability & Integrations

Nowadays the Internet of Things is becoming the Internet of Walled Gardens. Most of the IoT projects are vertical solutions that cannot interoperate with other objects or projects. Kickstarter has accelerated this scenario, funding some awesome projects related with the Internet of Things and Quantified Self, nevertheless that has increased the silos existing in the current situation.

Technology experts and big companies do not have a clear idea about the real volume of the Internet of Things in the future, but they are confident that it will be big. That means that we will not be able to deal with one mobile application for each object connected to the Internet. All the things connected will have to have its own experience with the different vertical solutions.

thethings.iO is an horizontal solution built to create an interoperable Internet of Things scenario. Thethings.iO is a platform designed to extend the Web by providing access to real objects in the physical world. Our main goal is to let you manage, share and interact with any thing connected to the Internet anywhere, when you like. Read more