VxWorks is a real-time operating system (RTOS) developed as proprietary software and designed for use in embedded systems requiring real-time, deterministic performance and, in many cases, safety and security certification. VxWorks supports Intel (x86, including the new Intel Quark SoC, and x86-64), MIPS, PowerPC, SH-4, and ARM architectures.

VxWorks comes with the kernel, middleware, board support packages, Wind River Workbench development suite and complementary third-party software and hardware technologies. In its latest release, VxWorks 7, the RTOS has been re-engineered for modularity and upgradeability so the OS kernel is separate from middleware, applications and other packages. Scalability, security, safety, connectivity, and graphics have been improved to address Internet of Things (IoT) needs.

  • Expandable and upgradable architecture
  • Scalable footprint
  • Broad connectivity
  • Uncompromising security and safety
  • ARINC 653–compliant platform
  • MILS support for multilevel secure systems
  • Safety-critical certification support
  • Proven virtualization technology
  • Java runtime support
  • Lower risk and faster integration of third-party technology
  • Guaranteed real-time performance and reliability:
  • Better reliability with state-of-the-art memory protection
  • Multi-core benefits, maximized
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