Microsoft .NET Gadgeteer is an open-source rapid-prototyping standard for building small electronic devices using the Microsoft .NET Micro Framework and Microsoft Visual Studio/Visual C# Express. The Gadgeteer platform centers around a Gadgeteer mainboard with a microcontroller running the .NET Micro Framework.

.NET Gadgeteer was created by researchers at Microsoft as an internal prototyping tool, but because of external interest, particualrly from educators and hobbyists, we turned it into open source software which now has a vibrant hardware ecosystem from multiple manufacturers.

The platform is built on the .NET Micro Framework, which allows small devices to be programmed in the C# language and make use of Visual Studio’s programming and debugging tools.

Individual .NET Gadgeteer modules can be easily connected together to construct both simple and sophisticated devices. Each module adds some extra capabilities, such as the ability to display images, playback sounds, take pictures, sense the environment, communicate with other devices or enable user interaction. This powerful combination allows fully functional devices to be prototyped in a matter of hours rather than days or weeks. Read More