Cisco IOx

IOx combines IoT application execution within the fog and offers highly secure connectivity with Cisco IOS technology, as well as powerful services for rapid, reliable integration with IoT sensors and the cloud.


The Cisco IOx application environment combines IoT application execution within the fog; secure connectivity with Cisco IOS Software; and powerful services for rapid, reliable integration with Internet of Things (IoT) sensors and the cloud. By bringing application execution capability to the source of IoT data, customers overcome challenges with high volumes of data and the need for automated, near–real time system responsiveness. Cisco IOx offers consistent management and hosting across network infrastructure products, including Cisco routers, switches, and compute modules. Cisco IOx allows application developers to work in the familiar Linux application environment with their choice of languages and programming models with familiar open-source development tools.

  • Cisco IOx: Cisco IOx provides uniform and consistent hosting capabilities for fog applications across Cisco IoT network infrastructure. The application environment brings together Cisco IOS software, the industry-leading networking operating system, and Linux, the leading open-source platform. With Cisco IOx, your developers benefit from familiar processes and open-source tools prevalent with Linux while generating applications that execute on Cisco IoT network infrastructure.
  • Fog Director: Cisco Fog Director allows administrators to manage, administer, monitor, and troubleshoot fog applications running in the Cisco IOx environment remotely over the network.
  • SDK and development tools: Cisco IOx SDK is a collection of tools and methodology guidelines to help developers package their applications for execution on IOx-enabled network infrastructure products.
    • Cisco IOx Client is a command-line utility for developers to control application lifecycle tasks within typical developer systems.
    • Cisco IOx Local Manager is an embedded web-based application included with the Cisco IOx Application Framework. It provides local management of applications hosted on IOx-enabled network infrastructures.
  • Fog applications: Fog applications ready for execution on IOx-enabled infrastructure may be supplied by ecosystem partners and/or Cisco or developed with a range of common programming languages.